Financial and Company Law Area

This area focuses on financial advice for companies, through customised coordination adapted to each sector, covering the financial management matters, accounting and administration involved in each enterprise.

The team specialises in contracts, in the broadest sense, in other words the negotiation and preparation of any documents required for the formalisation of commercial relationships with clients, with a particular focus on operations entailing company finance, including due diligence, and all actions required for the planning of operations such as mergers, spin-offs and the acquisition of domestic or foreign enterprises.

General Enterprise consultancy is likewise provided in all fields, helping to run daily corporate affairs, devising exclusive operational and development plans for a firm’s internal policies, while also administering each and every one of the financial acts conducted by a company from incorporation to liquidation. In accounting terms, planning is likewise provided for the economic close of each financial year, applying all tax benefits in force, along with proposals for a change or continuation of corporate strategy in response to regulatory developments and the state of the company.

Our priority is to oversee compliance with all legal obligations to be fulfilled by our clients in the corporate field.


  • Generation of the company’s monthly accounts.
  • Handling of all monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly and yearly tax returns concerning any company’s daily business.
  • Filing of annual accounts, accounting books and records.

Corporate management:

  • Company Secretary functions (handling of announcements and publication of meetings of corporate bodies, generation of minutes and certificates, legalisation of official records, maintenance of registers of minutes and named shares).
  • Preparation of the documentation required for the incorporation of companies, capital increases and reductions, winding up and liquidation, reactivation, transformation, adaptation, etc.
  • Corporate Domicil.
  • Office for General Shareholders’ Meetings and Boards of Directors.

Corporate Law audit service:

  • To analyse whether the company has fulfilled its obligations in this field, proposing solutions to rectify any possible failings detected.

Legal Advisor:

  • Performance of the position of Legal Advisor of bodies of corporate governance if required by the company.
This area is headed by Doña Mayte Martín de la Fuente, a financial analyst specialising in companies.