Private Law Area: family, inheritance and asset management.

This area specialises in the administration and management of substantial assets of individuals and companies, along with all matters connected with Private and Family/Inheritance Law.

As these are highly personal matters, the clients are offered a service based above all on confidentiality.

In the field of Inheritance and Family Law, consultancy is provided with regard to the personal and economic interests of clients, protecting their family assets.

From a procedural perspective, clients are assisted in any claims which may arise in or out of court as a result of family and/or personal disputes with regard to family and inheritance, such as for example challenges to Wills and/or donations, proceedings for nullification, separation or divorce, etc.

Our specialist fields essentially comprise:

Family Law:

  • Proceedings for nullification of marriages, separation and divorce.
  • Consultancy regarding prenuptial agreements and modifications to them.
  • Interim measures. Modification of measures in separation and divorce cases.
  • Alimony claims. Custody of children, schedule of visits, alimony or compensatory maintenance payments.
  • Paternity and affiliation proceedings.
  • Establishment of guardianship, foster families.
  • Family mediation to provide advice in disputes arising between spouses and/or children with regard to legal obligations and rights, to avoid settlement of the dispute by court litigation.


Inheritance Law:

  • Consultancy and filing of legal actions regarding inheritance, declaration of heirs, preparation of Wills, divisions, inventory and acceptance of inheritance.

Real Estate Rights:

  • Consultancy regarding rights of property, possession, usufruct, easements, mortgages… in addition to any claims and court involvement arising in this field.
This area is headed by the lawyer Dña. María García-Lastra, who specialises in individual and estate taxation, with assistance from Dña. Irene Muñoz Ruiz, a private law specialist.