Procedural and Corporate Law Area

The primary function of the Procedural Law area is to provide a pre-litigation and litigation service to the practice’s clients, focusing on advice for both natural and legal persons.

The aim is to offer comprehensive consultancy to domestic and international clients in handling their disputes, providing a range of alternative solutions which will in all cases satisfy and fulfil the interests of the practice’s clients, either through the courts or by means of out-of-court settlement, arbitration or mediation. It is made up of individuals specialising in civil, family, commercial and criminal law.

Our consultancy services essentially cover the following fields:


  • Out-of-court and court claims, both ordinary and specific payment proceedings resulting from the holding of bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes.
  • Filing and processing of small claims or ordinary proceedings in the event of unpaid bills, delivery notes, price quotations, invoices or any other document providing proof of the existence of a debt.
  • Breaches of contract, conflicts of rights, termination and resolution of contracts.
  • Consultancy in matters of condominiums, rights and obligations of property owners’ associations and joint owners, adoption of resolutions, execution of improvement works, processing of claims for unpaid instalments, challenging of association resolutions.
  • Civil liability resulting from traffic accidents. Corporate liability for damages resulting from corporate activities.
  • Public Authority liability resulting from damages suffered by the assets or rights of citizens as a consequence of the normal or abnormal functioning of a public authority.
  • Registrations, chain of title, governmental rectification proceedings…


  • Offences and Misdemeanours against persons.
  • Property and economic offences (robbery, theft, misappropriation, intellectual and industrial property offences, market and consumer offences, corporate offences…).
  • Offences against personal liberty, reputation, moral integrity, privacy, image rights and inviolability of domicile…
  • Corporate offences.
  • Offences against workers’ rights.
  • Offences against the Tax Office and Social Security.
  • False accounting offences.
  • Offences against a Public Authority: prevarication, coercion, bribery, failure in the duty to pursue offences, refusal of the duty of assistance.
  • Civil liability resulting from criminal offences and misdemeanours.
  • Traffic accidents. Traffic offences.


  • Professional procedures before Public Authorities: written submissions and petitions, prior claims, public authority appeals and litigation, penalty proceedings…
  • Public Authority asset liability demands.
  • Contracts with Public Authorities.
  • Public authority litigation matters: appeals and enforcement of judgements.

The Corporate and Commercial Law Area specialises in general consultancy for companies throughout their corporate lifespan, along with the formalisation of corporate operations, with a particular emphasis on the field of capital increases and reductions, mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions of companies, insolvency proceedings, banking law, commercial contracts, stock market law and corporate law.

Commercial Law:

  • Generation of contracts (sale and supply of goods, leases, transportation, distribution, agency contracts, international operations in general, foreign investments in Spain and Spanish investments abroad, etc.).
  • Payment claims, both amicable proceedings and court claims for debts, including action against the directors of debtor companies.
  • Bank and stock market claims regarding bank products (shares, preference stock, bonds, mortgage loans, etc.).
  • Filing of legal claims of liability as a result of action by corporations or directors, challenge and invalidation of General Shareholders’ Meetings and Boards of Directors, compliance with articles of association.
  • Filing of legal claims regarding the exclusive distribution of hydrocarbons in accordance with the domestic and European legislation in force.

Corporate consultancy:

  • Regarding matters of Corporate Law: incorporation of companies, capital stock increase or reduction, change of name or corporate purpose, mergers or acquisitions of companies, winding up in liquidation of companies, and any other corporate operation.
  • Liability of Directors, including for corporate losses.
This area is headed by Dña. Irene Muñoz Ruiz, who specialises in procedural and corporate law and private law.