Fiscal and Taxation Law Area

The primary function of this area is to provide legal advice to both natural and legal persons as to tax optimisation and profitability options regarding their economic interests, designing and developing tax policies suitable for the interests of each client, in accordance with the sector in question.

This Department stands out in particular for its extensive track record and professional prestige in handling the tax procedures of any natural or legal person, from simply the generation and processing of regular tax returns to the resolution of demands, issuance of notices and/or inspections instigated by local, regional or national tax authorities.

Our basic legal services are as follows:


  • Consultancy on matters regarding company and personal taxation.
  • Consultancy on taxpayer rights and obligations.
  • International taxation.


  • Generation of tax returns: Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Asset Tax, Asset Transfer Tax, Inheritance and Donations Tax, Interim Payments, Withholdings, VAT, operations with third parties…
  • Appearances and procedures before the Tax Office.
  • Representation and Defence before the Tax Inspectorate.


  • Handling of legal defence before the Public Authority Litigation Tribunals, Provincial and National High Courts and the Supreme Court, in all matters of litigation concerning taxpayer affairs.
This area is headed by Doña María García-Lastra, a lawyer specialising in corporate tax and asset management.